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  Muslim Leader Shows the Way

The Ulama-e-Farangi Mahal is the only family in the world to have produced Islamic Scholars consistently for the last about 1,000 years. These Islamic Scholars trace their lineage back as far as to the time of the Prophet (pbuh). The ancestors of Farangi Mahlis migrated to India in the 11th Century. The first evidence of the existence of the family lies in a revenue-free grant made to an ancestor Allam Hafiz in 1559. It is Emperor Akbar's first known 'farman' (edict). The Islamic Scholars of this family can be traced through similar documents down to the time in 1692 when the Allama's great-great grandson, Qutub-ud-din, was murdered at Sehali near Barabanki in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Emperor Aurangzeb was highly influenced by the Islamic scholars of Farangi Mahal, so when he heard about the murder of Allama Qutub-ud-din Shaheed, he immediately ordered the family of Allama be shifted to a safer place in the city of Lucknow.

Son of late Maulana Abu Taiyab Ahmed Miyan Farangi Mahli and successor of a great legacy and heritage endowed on him by Farangi Mahal, the historic seat of learning that has given to the world the greatest of Islamic scholars and leaders,
Maulana Khalid Rasheed has given voice to the concerns of the Muslims and sent across the right message about Islam’s purpose of upholding peace in the world. Highlighting philosophy of the Qur’an and spreading awareness about the words and deeds of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as recorded in the Hadith, Maulana Khalid Rasheed has motivated the young Muslims to set a shining example of humanity by following the perfect conduct as professed by the tenets of Islam and by taking forward the responsibilities that were fulfilled by its prophets.

Islamic Consciousness

His duties as the Naib Imam of Eidgah are demanding, but right from a very young age, Maulana Khalid Rasheed has gone all out promote an environment in which people of all faiths befriend each other and respect each other’s creed. He reaches out to all members of the society through noble endeavours like free health camps on the splendid premises of the Eidgah, where he leads millions of Muslims in the Eid prayers, he has exhorted a community of volunteers including the most renowned doctors to heal and help financially weak patients, regardless of their religious background. The move has been widely appreciated and has helped people look at Muslims and their places of worship with respect, love and gratitude.

Bold Initiatives

A time at which Islam and the Muslim community was facing the onslaught of harsh criticism, Maulana Khalid Rasheed founded the Islamic Centre of India to put off all the negativism and make people see Islam and its followers in a new light with love and respect. The ICI made giant strides towards promoting health, education and social service simply as the duty prescribed by the religion and the Prophet (PBUH). As time passed and ICI moved from strength to strength people from all walks and from all faiths joined the movement benefiting as well as contributing to the noble cause of unity mankind.

Light of Learning

Maulana Khalid Rasheed revived the tradition of top class education imparted by the scions of Farangi Mahal. Maulana Nizamuddin invented the syllabus followed by most madrassas in the world, encapsulating the best of Islamic education in the easiest format. For long, the original site of this invention languished for the lack of initiative, till Maulana Khalid Rasheed took up the cause. He founded the Madrasa e Nizamia and enrolled students from all social backgrounds for education that combined the Nizamia syllabus with the modern mainstream education to create citizens with a well-rounded perspective. Students at the madrasa are doing very well and leave even foreign dignitaries impressed with their knowledge and conduct.

Popular Moves

Maulana Khalid Rasheed has been the symbol of Muslim aspirations and a quintessence of leadership among the youths for his innovative gestures like the Helpline that guides on phone about the dos and don’ts according to the Islamic constitution, especially during the month of Ramzan, when along with prayers, people observe the fast. Similarly, his move of holding an Islamic Fete went down very well among the community and society for the sheer awareness it disseminated about the religion and culture. Maulana Khalid Rasheed also leads Haj camps that ensures people leaving for the pilgrimage to Mecca conduct themselves safely and in the most perfect manner.


Noble initiatives have made Maulana Khalid Rasheed the favourite of local and foreign media and an icon among members of the community and society. He not only issued fatwas against terrorism but also helmed the first ever National Conference Against Terrorism. He also issued fatwa against and evils like female foeticide and infanticide and spread word about the importance of female education. His exemplary effort towards eradication of polio and dispelling injurious doubts pertaining to polio drops administered to infants earned him not only the love and respect of the community but also awards for promoting health and peace.

It led the All India Muslim Personal Law Board take note and to take him in as their youngest member. He has been the youngest to lead a congregation of over 50 million Muslims on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr and Eid al Azha.

  • Youngest Ulama to lead Namaz of Five Lac Muslims at Eidgah
  • Youngest Executive Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  • First Islamic Scholar who Issued Fatwa against Terrorism.
  • Issued Fatwa to prevent female infanticide.
  • Awarded For working in eradicating Polio by Rotary International
  • Organized the first ever National Conference against Terrorism
  • Organized the National Conference of AIMPLB at Eidagh Lucknow on March 21, 2010 which was attended by about 30 Lacs Muslims.
  • Awarded for Peace in the International Seminar on World Peace and understanding
  • Announces the Sighting of Moon of every Islamic Month
  • Started Ramazan Helpline in which Muslims from all over India and also from abroad ask questions regarding Namaz, Roza, Haj, Zakat etc.
  • Organizes Haj Camps.
  • Organizes Free Medical Camps on regular basis. Till date 108 camps, 432 free eye operations and 16200 free spectacles have been distributed to the poor patients.

Posts Held
  • Naib Imam Eidgah Lucknow
  • Qazi-e-Shahr, Lucknow
  • President Islamic Centre of India
  • Rector : Darul Uloom Farangi Mahal
  • General Secretary Markazi Chand Committee
  • Rector  Madrasa Qudbiya, Barabanki
  • Secretary Darul Ifta and Darul Qaza Farangi Mahal
  • Executive Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board
  • Member Deeni Taleemi Council
  • Editor An-Nizamiya Magazine
  • Director  A.M.Hospital
  • Executive Member: Rotary International Ulama Committee
  • Convener Movement against Terrorism
  • Secretary Islamic Society of G.Orlando U.S.A.
Educational Qualification
  • Elementary And Middle School Education At Christ Church School, Lucknow. 
  • Bachelors In Commerce From The  Lucknow University
  • Masters In Arts : Lucknow University
  • Islamic Education : Nadwa-Tul-Ulama And Farangi Mahal

14 Farangi Mahal, Victoria Street, Chowk, Lucknow: 3, U.P. India